CareerPlex® — Smart Employment Coding™

You Don't Find a Job ... Jobs Find You

CareerPlex® is about to introduce a Smart Employment Coding™ technology that is wholly unique.

This technology allows any and all job openings that ever exist nationwide to match-up instantly on the CareerPlex website any time of day or night, without the need for employment agencies or a big staffing expense to employers.

In other words, if you are a bank teller and CareerPlex's Smart Employment Coding™ is embedded in your résumé (either inside the "bank teller" job title of the position you now hold or inside the "bank teller" job title you once held (and may want to go back to) ... whenever a bank in your area—or any area you select—posts a "help wanted" ad that is seeking a bank teller for its bank, CareerPlex makes the connection for both parties instantly, and then notifies both parties automatically.

And in reverse, employers can use this smart technology, too.

In America, according to the Washington Post, as of August 2017 there were 6.2 million job openings while 7 million people were currently out of work. And, of the 7 million who are not working, 2.01 million (29%) of them were collecting unemployment benefits that cost governments $8.7 billion per month.

Now just imagine what will happen when CareerPlex turns 4 million job openings into paychecks for 4 million unemployed individuals and families. The annual savings to governments could realistically reach $4.1 billion.

And, when you subtract 4 million people from the 7 million people now out of work, the unemployment rate drops from what they say it is now (4.1%) ... to what it should really be (3.2%.)

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