For Job Hunters


  • Résumé Write Résumés

    Creates amazing résumés, cover letters, salary histories and
    more using exclusive Language Concatenation™ technology.

  • Résumé Write Text Blocks

    Paragraphs of Résumé Write™ text that can be concatenated
    for use in updating, adding-into or composing your résumé.

  • CareerPlex Résumés — Live Services

    Written by writers that take pride in relating your talents, achievements and values so that employers become eager to interview you.

  •               Job Clearinghouse

                      Three ways to find a job — Spider the Internet, search job
                       boards, visit employers' websites.

  •               Data Base Index — Employers

                      All of North America's businesses listed with direct links to
                      their job search and HR department Web pages.

  •               Special Markets Network

                      A busy Intranet of employers, search firms, placement offices
                      and more organized locate and fill every job opening in America.

  • Live Advisors

    Career is complicated. Live people can help.
    CareerPlex is here to assist you with your career.

  • Career Map Planner

    Plots and delivers personalized career paths, job-hunting
    procedures, resources, names, numbers and know-how.

  • Data Base Index — Career Job Boards

    A Vertical Search Career™ listing of all job boards and employment openings in North America organized by region and industry.


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