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  • American Business Center

    A carefully organized index of resources, services, assistance,
    financing and support for new businesses and ventures.

  • CareerPlex Strategic Partners

    Standing-by enable a rich new segment of second-income family
    businesses by making corporate strategic-partnering easy.

  • Live Business Advisors

    Members of the CareerPlex Team that are practiced, enthusiastic
    and skilled at shaping success, expansion and well-deserved profit.

  •               Business Planning

                                   This first step towards business success is essential. Having
                                   a road map for achievement is what a business plan is all about.

  •               Banking and Finance

                                   Learning to match a Venture's value components to what
                                   lenders, qualified investors and specialized grants are seeking.

  •               Business Trends, Websites & Blogs

                                   A neatly compiled list of small business and tech news
                                   information that is a must-read for any successful entrepreneur.

  • Advertising & Public Relations

    What makes advertising and PR effective? How do you reach an
    audience? How do you work with agencies? How about budgets?

  • Outsourcing

    Outsourcing is a major trend. But, for what industries and what
    workloads is this practice best? CareerPlex has all the answers here.

  • Website Development & Internet Assets

    Seize opportunities, optimize operations, achieve revenue targets.
    Building a portfolio of Web assets is key to becoming a stand-out.


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