CareerPlex® — For Employers / Agencies


  • Client Listing Service

    A scouting / search-alert system for agency professionals seeking candidates who agree to be recruited via special job-match profiles.

  • Affiliate Network

    An Intranet of companies and resources that provide products and
    services to keep Workforce / Employer connections running smoothly.

  • Career Options Program

    Endowments from employers that pay for individuals' job-hunting
    expense in exchange for the right of first interview and job-offer.

  •               Select Recruiting Access

                                   Matches and directs job candidates to select recruiters and
                                   job orders through the use of specific markers and skills.

  •               Pre-Set Staff Recruiting

                                   A multi-point recruiting activity that succession-plans everything
                                   in advance the moment any employment position is offered.

  •               Data Base Index — Career Expos

                                   Uses location markers and proximity matching to identify job
                                   fairs, recruiting conferences and live-hiring events.

  • Get-Noticed Agency System

    Job-hunters may now sign-up and be found by agencies, recruiters
    and job shops anywhere within the Workforce / Employer Network.

  • Employer Account Advisors

    A dedicated corps of CareerPlex personnel specially trained to position
    products, sevices and assets to an employer's or agency's best advantage.

  • Address Proximity Matching

    An employee-employer matching system that makes it possible to
    find an employee or locate an employer by distance, locale or address.


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