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CareerPlex has created a significant range of databases, systems, processes and methods that are new to the Career world. This portfolio of intellectual property includes multiple provisional patents.

One of CareerPlex's prime assets is an extensive database and applications software design that allows documents to be created and individually changed down to adjective level from complex, industry-specific thesauruses and specialized use-codes. This highly articulate concatenation system calls-up job descriptions, skill applications and related professional / technical details (equipment lists, computer components, medical systems, professional organizations, schools, universities, processing devices, military standards, quality requirements) for use in a wide range of employment materials.

Over the years, CareerPlex's database has created a unique variety of job-hunting products (career profiles, résumés, cover letters, references, salary histories) that authoritatively delineate, process-describe and itemize skill-based job descriptions that are broken down into industry segments and occupations, ranging from aerospace / manufacturing, engineering and finance to travel, sales, science and media.

Comparative Patent Valuation

Language Concatenation™
Smart Employment Coding™
Vertical Search Career™
National Career Database™
Database Index™
Geocode Proximity Matching System™
Proportional Human Energy Measurement—The Delaware Street Energy Profile™
Trilateral Direct Mail Design and Distribution System™
Pre-Set Staff Recruiting™


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