CareerPlex® — Company Information

A New, Socially Conscious American Business Design

CareerPlex is to be America's first Socially Conscious Corporation™ (SCC)

An SCC is very profit driven. It is extremely commercial and directed at large consumer markets. It pays a full share of taxes to government, allocates higher dividends to shareholders and thereby actualizes greater earnings to investors as its brand provides excellent products and socially conscious benefits that put income, earnings and savings in everyone's pockets. CareerPlex and its public relations, advertising, celebrity endorsement and feature placement partners will be working to show how being a socially conscious corporation is a smart, core-focus business practice that can quickly make news, capture greater market-share and create wealth for citizens while growing tax revenues for governments.
Currently CareerPlex is strategically set to accomplish these first important fiduciary contributions to North America —

Reduce government deficits by
$36.8 billion to $40.9 billion

Smart Employment Coding™ matches millions of people to jobs in a short amount of time. This creates substantial savings in Unemployment expenditures that governments no longer will need to allocate.

Change the typical family wealth model to include revenue from a second-income home business.

Work from employers continues to pay for family needs, while a second income adds-in to take care of that which was formerly afforded only by borrowing, arranging loans and running-up credit cards.

Grow North America's tax revenues by
$10.3 billion to $328.3 billion

This is a calculator projection of growth in tax revenue with CareerPlex in North America's economy. More working employees will pay income tax while the number of tax-paying businesses also goes up.


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