CareerPlex® — For Job-Hunters, Agencies / Employers and Entrepreneurs


America's First Commercial Career Center

In high school there are career centers ... in college, too.  But, when you become an adult, where are you supposed to go?

Well, now there is CareerPlex — America's first commercial career center, ever. It is a new national career brand for computer-users and non-computer users alike,
whether they are employees, employers or entrepreneurs at any level of the workforce in the United States and Canada.


Build Résumés ... Find Jobs ... Start a Business

CareerPlex provides one-click access to the most enormous amount of career information you've ever seen — listings, products, services, guides, tutorials,
indexes, agencies, recruiters, search firms, names, numbers, addresses, Websites, associations, colleges, vocational schools, retraining. You name it and CareerPlex
is sure to have it in its National Career Database™ with Vertical Search Career™ technology. Why spend time broad-searching for anything "career" on any
of today's conventional search engines when you can pinpoint what you are looking for easily using CareerPlex's innovative National Career Database™ with
Vertical Search™ technology?

It is easily accessed on any page of the CareerPlex Website.

And then there is an innovative Smart Employment Coding™ system CareerPlex has invented. It dumps the giant classified
advertising job board business model and replaces it with a sensational new giant career center Website capable of enabling
full employment in a constant growth, recession-proof career space that hasn't seen change in the way this part of our economy
functions for the past 80 years.

The CareerPlex® Website with Smart Employment Coding™, Vertical Search Career™ and
National Career Database™ technology provides solutions in hours, rather than days or weeks.


Here are Facts ...

O  CareerPlex is America's first commercial career center; it is NOT simply an Internet job board.

O  CareerPlex is a national career brand whose one-stop, single point-of-entry vision is aimed squarely at 159.8 million employees,
27.9 million small businesses and 18 thousand firms who hire 500 emplyees or more that together spend upwards of
$85.4 billion a year on career and human resources services.

O  At any time, 35% of the workforce is planning for job transition, while 4.7% more (the unemployed) are already engaged in the process.

O  71% of the visitors to job boards are employed.  Earning money makes it much easier to explore ideas and opportunities pertaining to career advancement.

O  Standardization in human resources is about to happen. From résumés and candidate job offers to skills-testing and succession-planning.
CareerPlex's new
HR-Standards Technology Platform has been designed to reduce the cost of career / human capital endeavors by 33%.

O  CareerPlex owns 11 patentable technologies and 68 copyrights and trademarks ("HRIP Assets" or "IP".) All of CareerPlex's products, services,
components, methods and features are substantial innovations in the process of being protected by 3 provisional patent filings and registration
of 68 copyrights and trademarks (registered in Class 9, Class 16, Class 28, Class 35, Class 38, Class 41 and Class 42, respectively.)


Here are Details ...

From its inception, the founders of CareerPlex recognized that there was no central, national listing of open employment that existed in its entirety, all in one place, in either the United States or Canada. Classified advertising existed only in the Sunday newspapers before it migrated all over the place onto a zillion different Websites ... Career-planning was something that took place only in college and high school guidance offices. ... professional résumé-writing was a "mom and pop", ultra-small business where you ran the risk of getting bitten by the owner's dog because, more likely than not, the business was conducted right in the owner's home.

80 years has now gone by with everything pertaining to career remaining very badly fractured. There is no
central source of information or index of resources currently available from one national source or career brand.
There is no effective system for organizing or delivering career services and content as it pertains specifically to either an individual's or employer's vertical job search that presently exists in any single database, Website or professional advisory.

So now, for the first time, CareerPlex provides a unified, single point-of-entry for finding, learning-about and acquiring access to everything needed for job hunting, staffing, executive search, broad-reach hiring, temp-to-hire, career planning, vocational development,
self-assessment, résumé-writing, up-size / down-size realignment, workforce retraining, work relocation, succession planning
and new business organization, operation and growth.


So Now, Here's a Question for You ...

Do you know how many job openings there are right now for which employees are actively being sought? Please think hard, because
more than 6.7 million Americans are out of work, according to recent (January 2018) figures from the US Department of Labor.
So, the question was: How many job openings are there right now ... do you know?

Well, don't feel uncomfortable if you don't know because this is a number that is never reported by anybody,
and the rate of unemployment is never adjusted downward by this number of unemployed people who could be
employed were the job openings and the job hunters able to find each other easily.

Just for your reference, as of the last business day of December 2017, the number of job openings being reported by the United States Department of Labor,
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (
JOLTS) is 5.8 million unfilled jobs open right now in the United States.
And, if you add-in another aggregate of 100,000 job openings that are probably not being reported because businesses and corporations
simply never get-around to posting these numbers in any kind of "official" way, it is estimated that a more accurate answer to
"How many job opening are there right now?" is upwards of 6 million unfilled jobs.
Now, take a look at how many job openings appear on the conventional commercial job board Websites that everyone now uses, and you will see only 2.8 million
to 4.5 million openings. This type of confusion presents a perfect opportunity for innovation of the type CareerPlex has now created.


And Finally ...

CareerPlex's commercial career center business model creates a common forum in the United States (as well as Canada and globally) where
employees, employers and emerging entrepreneurs can produce simple, economical solutions, easily and directly, as never before. This business model
uses simple third-party, industry-analyst objectivity to provide summary, tutorial and impartial knowledge of the career sector so that everyone may
come to work together in a way that is capable of cooperatively achieving full employment and uninterrupted prosperity for, not only our Economy,
but the rest of the World as well.