How Language Concatenation™ is used to write résumés that are automatically Smart Employment Coded™

1a. Under the heading "Employment Fields" on the right, scroll down and click on "Education";  or

1b. Under the heading "Job Titles" on the left, scroll down and click on "Teachers".

While delivery of all results is not being shown at this time, you may still use "Teachers" as an example.

2. Scroll down to "Elementary School Teachers" in the center panel and click on it;  then

3. Scroll down again and click on the words "Try It" under any of the Concatenation Text Blocks you would like to use.

4. When the that Text Block appears on the screen, click on any of the bold words or phrases that there are and watch as they replace
the words or phrases that are currently in the Text Block you are planning to use in your résumé.

In this way, the text of your résumé may be assembled section by section and fashioned so that in your finished document,
the sentence says what you want it to say.