Smart Employment Coded Data Base Indexes now allow you to search jobs, staffing, career and employment-related categories with far greater precision than ever before.

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Résumé Write™ Text

Career Map Planner

Career Job Boards

Individual paragraphs of Résumé-Write™ text that may be purchased separately for use in up-dating, adding-to or authoring personal résumés.

Advanced career planning tool that delivers, search criteria, resources, names, numbers and know-how by specific career field and/or job title.

Thousands of job boards with up-to-the-minute openings organized by industry, diversity, government, full-time and summer employment.

Books & Merchandise


Education & Training

All the books, videos, assessments, guides, portfolios and career self-help guidance materials published today, all gathered in one spot.

North America's small businesses, mid-sized companies and large corporations listed with direct links to job search and HR department Web pages.

A campus-by-campus listing of all the colleges, universities and vocational schools in the US and Canada listed by degree and career focus.

Agencies & Recruiters

Career Expos & Job Fairs

Employment Applications

State employment Web sites, staff recruiters, executive search firms, headhunters, temp agencies ... all lined-up in one single place.

Use location finders and proximity match to identify career expos, recruiting events, job fairs, job markets and job hunts whenever needed.

An extensive library of business, government and organization employment applications for convenient, instant download and use.

IMPORTANT — Delivery of all results is not being shown until CareerPlex's official release in November / December 2020.

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