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Client Reviews, Partners & Friends

  • I am beyond happy and cannot describe how impressed I am with the outcome of my résumé. I thank you for the time and dedication you have put into perfecting the document that will help me find my destiny. I will keep in touch with the outcome of the position I am going for and will be in touch soon.

    Jennifer Gonzalez | Finance Manager / Assistant Controller,
        Pacific Sintered Metals Inc. | Résumé Client
  • Thank you very much sir ... and yes, my interview went amazing. Let's see what happens. They said to wait about 10 days. Thank you again. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so much.

    Charlie Escobar | Power Lineman Apprenticeship Program Applicant,
        IBEW District 9 | Résumé Client
  • Just wanted to thank you very much for your time, help and tutelage. It has been first and foremost a pleasure to meet such a divers and professional company. I am truly impressed and inspired. I have looked at the long and short versions of my résumé and they are remarkable. Please move forward with archiving that information. I am happy with the way it has turned out.

    D Moore | Program Manager, WorldDoc Inc. | Résumé Client
  • CareerPlex put together a very nice functional résumé for me that I felt was an extremely well written marketing tool to showcase my talents and experience unlike I've ever seen before. I will never again go with any other résumé writing company. These people will always have my business.

    Wasaad | Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Executive Chef | Résumé Client
  • Best career service. I called several services and found the people at CareerPlex to be the most informative and professional. Their advice was sound and the résumé was professional. It was a great experience and I was amazed at the reasonable rates. My résumé is kept on file for easy updating, and I was able to get my résumé in both Word and ASCII formats. I plan to refer everyone I know to CareerPlex for expert service. It was a great experience

    Blewbyyou | Southwest Substance Abuse, Counselor | Résumé Client
  • Just letting you know I got the promotion. Thanks for the résumé; my boss thought it was impressive!

    Dosby62 | Chief of the LA County Fire Department | Résumé Client
  • I would like to take this opportunity to convey my most sincere thanks and appreciation for the great professional services CareerPlex provided me at a time when I needed it most. I selected CareerPlex after calling several résumé services and after careful consideration. In less than a month after my new résumé, I was employed and was still receiving calls from employers asking for interviews.

    Scott M | TRW Inc., Prototype Machinist | Résumé Client
  • This is part of my healing process. I hope you understand. Eric died in a car accident on Thursday. So, we will not be able to update you on his future employment. However, I do want to thank you for assisting. You brought out the best in what he had accomplished and gave him hope and dreams of a brighter future. When he read his résumé, he was very proud. I thank you for being a brief yet positive force in his life. You were truly a blessing.

    Monique T | Cinergy Productions, Director / Editor | Résumé Client
  • Thank you for doing a great job on my résumé! I appreciate your tips with regards to the interview process.

    Marie T | AMT & Associates, Property Manager | Résumé Client
  • Thanks for doing such a great job on my résumé. Thus far the results that I have attained with it are extremely positive and that has much to do with the great form and appearance of my résumé.

    Carrey S | Torrance Unified School District, Counselor | Résumé Client
  • I found a company named CareerPlex which I feel is familiar with our type of situation and understands the process of sales redesign within a corporation such as Avery Dennison and our Los Angeles Sales Team. The Company's phone number, address, etc. are on their Website, Please feel free to call yourself and mention my name, or you can call me and I will assist you.

    T Ryan | National Sales Manager | Avery Dennison Corporation


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